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Skilled Counsel Through Business Conflicts And Divorce

Disagreements between business partners are common. However, when they develop into conflicts that get in the way of your business, a divorce may be the best solution.

Business divorces, or dissolutions, require a strategic approach. Attorney David Z. Ribakoff, founder of The , has over 25 years of experience managing business conflicts. His experience equips him to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

Our goal at the is to protect your rights as we facilitate a business divorce that saves you time and money.

Guidance Through The Divorce Process

Attorney Ribakoff personally handles every case. He provides you with insightful counsel at every step of a business divorce, including:

  • Filing a certificate of dissolution with the state of California
  • Notifying creditors, the IRS and other agencies
  • Canceling business licenses
  • Organizing all assets of your business

At the , we prioritize your goals and investments. Attorney Ribakoff understands the importance of preserving the name of your business and saving money. That is why he always takes a client-specific approach to cater to your business’ needs and protect your future business endeavors.

If disputes over the divorce develop into a lawsuit, we are prepared to take your case to court.

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We preserve your best interests throughout the business divorce process. Arrange a consultation at the Los Angeles office of the .

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