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Knowledgeable Representation For Business Appeals

Business disputes are complex matters to try in court. When a decision is unfavorable, an appeal may be an option. This is a very complex determination, and you need an experienced appellate attorney to help you weigh the risks and opportunities that an appeal presents.

Attorney David Z. Ribakoff brings a full commitment to your case from beginning to end. If an appeal is necessary and viable, he has the advantage of understands the details of your case, which is crucial to save you time and money. He also has extensive appellate law experience, navigating through cases in California and federal courts.

Throughout the appeals process, he adjusts his strategy as needed to bring you success. The Ribakoff Law Firm will stand by you at every stage of your case to obtain the best outcome available to you. The firm handles business-related appeals in Los Angeles and statewide California.

A Second Chance For Success

Taking business matters to court can be expensive and time-consuming. However, it is often worthwhile to pursue an appeal if there was a mistake or error by the court in your initial trial. The Ribakoff Law Firm handles appeals for any business matters, including:

Appellate courts do not retry the case. They require evidence of errors in the original trial proceedings. These errors may involve procedural or evidentiary mistakes by the judge, and there must be evidence that the errors produced an unfair outcome. Attorney Ribakoff will work with you at every step, and he already has all the information he needs to properly prepare your appeal and represent your case.

Contact An Experienced Appellate Lawyer

At the Ribakoff Law Firm, attorney Ribakoff’s goal is to resolve cases and appeals efficiently so you can get back to business as soon as possible. There is a strict time limit to filing an appeal, so it is imperative to talk to an appellate attorney immediately following an adverse result at trial to preserve your rights.

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